PATAKKA is Valletta’s latest culinary delight. Brought to you by the same team behind the award winning L’Artiglio Ristorante. Patakka is located on the steps of Eagle Street, in the lower part of Old Bakery Street and is situated within the walls of the majestic Palais Le Brun. The PATAKKA part of the building was indeed the bottega part of the ‘Casa Bottega’ of the Le Brun silversmith family, with many of Malta’s finest coins and silverware being produced in that very space. In fact the name ‘Patakka’ is a type of old Maltese coin with an eight-pointed cross on the front face. Napoleon even smelted down Maltese gold into bullion within these walls, on his short visit to the islands.

Today however, this space offers you majesty of a different kind. Renowned local Chef Janine Camilleri has been experimenting with new food concepts. Reaching out into recipes of yesteryear, inspired by grandmother recipes and with a twist brought to you by a modern kitchen bent on trying out new dishes and exploring new flavours, we present you PATAKKA!

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