THE PATAKKA TEAM new york, we love new york

The kitchen team comprises of young, creative and versatile chefs. The Executive chef, Janine Camilleri, of the recently established L’Artiglio Ristorante, an award-winning contemporary restaurant, once again brought her passion and roots in cooking to form Patakka’s concept. Her very skilled Head Chef, Andrew Grech, compliments the concept by bringing together the new and the old elements of cooking and ensures an experience in every dish. He is supported by his eager and creative Sous Chef, Jean-Pierre Dingli Attard.

The restaurant is run and managed by the young and determined Sean Camenzuli. His style and passion for the industry ensures that every guest dining at Patakka enjoys a personal and unique experience, where expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Together with the rest of the Patakka Team, their shared values come together to create an innovative, contemporary and memorable experience.

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